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This is why I love training, there is not a one size fits all blanket solution when you're working with animals and humans.


An animal lover at heart.
Erynn is a Vermont native that brings years of animal care experience to the area. From veterinary settings to training, boarding, daycare, grooming and retail she knows how to handle everything there is for your pup! She has worked with a large variety of breeds throughout her professional career exploring many different avenues allowing her to meet dogs and owners from all different walks of life while building solid relationships with the community.
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Dog training philosophy

Dog training philosophy

Tailored training for every Dog.
My philosophy in dog training is that as a trainer you must have the flexibility to be able to adapt your teaching methods and techniques for every individual dog. Every dog and every owner/family is different with what they require and want. I will talk to you about your goals, and if they change as we move along in training then together we'll make a plan that works for you and your dog.

This is why I love training, there is not a one size fits all blanket solution when you're working with animals and humans.


We’ll discuss your goals and focus
our training to meet your needs.
I always start with private classes, as this allows us to focus on your specific goals and your dog's individual needs. Once we get a good foundation under our belt, we can move to more public places or group classes, wherever we need to fully support your individual training plan.

Private Class at Wanderlust Canine Services in Castleton: $100 per hour

In Home Private Class: Please contact me for a quote.
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Private Class at Wanderlust Canine Services, Castleton VT


In Home and Public Private Classes within 30 minutes from Wanderlust Canine Services


In Home and Public Private Classes further then 30 minutes

for pricing

Group Classes

per dog
Dog and owner must take private classes prior to group classes and within the past 6 months. Limit to 4 dogs per class in the winter and 6 dogs per class in the summer.

Take & Trains

per hour
Must be enrolled in Private or Group Classes and within 30 minutes of Wanderlust Canine Services

Take & Train Intensive

per hour
Tuesday - Friday mornings two week minimum. 1 free private class per week of training
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Erynn & Quetzal
Erynn & Quetzal

Day Care

Play, work & rest
Wanderlust Canine Services is a daycare for dogs that offers holistic socialization and training. The play, work, rest rotation not only mentally fulfills your dog but also provides physical exercise they need to have healthy lifestyles outside of their time spent at our facility.


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We are ONLY accepting training clients at this time.
Please do not inquire about day care.
By appointment only, email responses will be sent Monday - Friday.
Day care is currently full, if you would like to inquire about training please use the form below.
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